Lucy has been living in Japan for more than 20 years. She has been working as an interpreter and assistance for Brazilian soccer players in J-league.




Lucy travels to various countries and she also travels to different part of Japan. While traveling she meets people from different countries, thus, she has deeply realized that English is really important to communicate with people from different nations and also to enhance her career as an interpreter.

“Indeed, speaking English will certainly help anyone to communicate with people from countries all over the world,” said Lucy. She added, “As the world has been globalized, whether we travel, do businesses, or communicate with others on social media, one being able to speak English will definitely bring a sort of inner confident.

“As English is very important for any sports, I think it’s a skill one should really acquire.”, said Lucy. It helps athletes to communicate with other athletes while practicing and playing sports. Once we learn English, it will remain with us lifetime.”, said Lucy who has been associated with the sports industry for so many years. No matter how good a player can speak English or not, the perspective is completely different.



Lucy is a mother of two children, and several times she had an argument with her son regarding learning English while he was an elementary school student. At that time, he didn’t like going to English language school at all. But now, her son works at Mitsubishi and travels around the world as an engineer. Finally, he realized the importance of speaking English and expressed his gratitude towards her mom for putting him into an English language school. His son now strongly believes that English will work as a tool to communicate and to enhance his career.